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CH Trudy's Flash Point x Trudy's Without A Trace




Bred by: Stephanie Hentschel & Becky Sabourin



Seely finished 3 days after her first birthday by winning back to back 5 point majors at the APC specialties following the National by going WB and BOS. She finished completely from the Bred by class!


In her first month as a special, she completed her GCH and became a group placer

Seely is now retired from the ring living with Becky as her loved house companion.








10/24/15  *  Valparaiso KC *  1/WB/BOW (1 Pt)  * Judge Gloria Kerr

10/30/15 * Marion KC * 1/WB (1 pt) * Judge Peggy Beisel-McIllwaine

11/1/15 * NEIKC * 1/WB/BOW (1 pt) * Judge Jim Fredrickson

11/28/15 * Ingham County KC * 1/WB/BOW (2 pts) * Judge Robbert Huttoon

11/29/15 * Ingham County KC * 1/WB/BOW (2 pts) * Judge Ann Hearn

12/5/15 * Skokie Valley KC * 1/WB/BOW (1 pt) * Judge Susan St. John Brown

12/6/15 * Skokie Valley KC * 1/WB/BOW/BOS (1 pt) * Judge Charolette McGowan

3/18/16 * American Pomeranian Club Specialty * 1/WB/BOS (5 pts) * Judge Fred Basset

3/19/16 * American Pomeranian Club Specialty * 1/WB/BOS (5 pts) * Judge Jim Reynolds


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