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Before inquiring about any available puppies or dogs, please fill out this questionnaire  and return it to me at


Companion Puppies

We strive to produce puppies that meet the American Kennel Club's standard for the ideal Pomeranian in structure, health, and temperament. Not every puppy that is born here makes the ideal show dog, but still has an extraordinary temperament and sound health that makes the Pomeranian breed the ideal companion. Companion puppies are placed no younger than 4 months of age with limited AKC registration on spay/neuter contracts.

Prices start at $3,500.

Nothing Available At This Time 

Retired Dogs

On occasion, we have retired dogs available to companion homes. This allows us to keep a smaller number of dogs here at home while providing each dog with the love and attention they deserve. These dogs will be spayed/neutered prior to going to their new home, and their placement fee is designed to cover the cost of the final health check and spay/neuter, teeth cleaning, etc. (reduced price as compared to a younger puppy). 

Retired adults are generally placed at 3-5 years of age. Prices $500-$1,500.

Younger dogs around 1-2 years of age are occasionally available. Prices start at $2,500. 

Nothing Available At This Time 


Show Puppies 

Show prospects are sometimes made available to qualified homes for showing and/or breeding.  If you are interested in upcoming litters, please contact me with information about your current breeding program and interests. No guarantees can be made about how each puppy will mature, but at the time each puppy is placed, they are evaluated against AKC's standard for the ideal Pomeranian and have no disqualifications plus meet our qualifications for showing.


Prices start at $5,000

Slick is being offered to a performance or companion home. He is an extremely outgoing, intelligent dog that loves to entertain and be entertained, and loves all people and toys. He is highly food motivated also. He would do best in a home without another male dog, although he will tolerate them, he can be more dominant at times. I believe he would thrive in a home that would do rally, obedience or agility with him. He would also love to be someone's loyal companion and have all of the attention in the world. He is a more active dog, and spends a lot of time outside playing with toys and going for a run in the yard. He would do OK in a small house or an apartment with ample exercise and stimulation. He will be neutered before leaving. He is one of the funniest dogs I have ever had, and I will be EXTREMELY picky where he goes. $4,500

Planned Breedings

Puppies may be available from these planned breedings.

Please fill out this application and return to me at 

Please email for more information about available dogs
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