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When we are home, the kennel is the perfect place for the dogs to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. We focus on their mental and physical well being by giving them plenty of playtime in our large exercise paddocks. Dogs are bathed and coats are conditioned in the kennel grooming room which is adjacent to our crating rooms and our feeding room. 

The kennel is fully climate controlled with temperature alert systems and is fully video monitored. All are are double fenced (at a minimum). The entire property  (5 acres) is also fenced as an added safety measure. 

As a breeder of toy dogs myself, sections of the kennel are specially designed for the needs of smaller dogs. The small dogs have their own area with no climb fencing, shade, and cover. 


I travel to the shows in my 44ft Renegade motorhome. It is custom-built and outfitted for the comfort of the dogs and people who care for them.
The back half of the truck is dedicated to the dogs and is outfitted with East Coast Crates to ensure safety while traveling and while stationary. The truck is climate controlled with air conditioners, vents, and windows. The truck has cameras and a temperature alert system so I can monitor the dogs at all times with my phone. The motorhome has a built-in diesel generator and a backup generator so that the dogs are in the ideal climate whether driving or parked. 

I am fully issured with Care, Custody & Control Insurance.
All my facilities on the road and at home meet the AKC Registered Handler Requirements. 

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We feed & recommend Purina ProPlan

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