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Rates, Fees, and Contract

Rates & Fees


Handling Rates 

Effective 8/1/23

Class Dogs
All Breed Show - $100/show + expenses

Ringside pickup - $125/show

Coated Breeds* & Specials 

All Breed Show - $125/show + expenses

Ringside pickup - $125 - $150/show

*Coated Breeds - Heavy grooming & scissoring breeds such as Bichons, Poodles, etc.

*Ringside pick up – a dog that meets the handler the day of the show at the ring, and no grooming is required by the handler. If the dog stays in the handler’s care during the day/ night and/or requires grooming, additional expenses, board, and conditioning fees will apply.

Ringside dogs that are booked with handler AFTER entries have closed will incur a higher rate (+$25).

For more detailed rates (Specialties, National Specialties, Westminster, Orlando, etc. please see my detailed rate sheet above)


Best in Show - $750          Reserve Best in Show - $375         Specialty Best in Show- $250
Group 1 - $150             Group 2 - $125            Group 3 - $100           Group 4 - $75

Show Expenses

Show expenses are divided among the dogs that are being shown at that show and traveling with the handler


Board Rates


Small Breed  (Under 12  lbs.)


Medium Breed   (Over 12 lbs.)


Large Breed  (Over 30 lbs.)


XL Breed (Over 75 lbs.)


The above rates are for dogs that are here to be shown or are being conditioned in anticipation of being shown.

For any dog that is being boarded for any other purpose - breeding, staying with handler after finishing championship and not being shown, etc. - 

Rates are as follows:        

Small Breed - $20/day   Med Breed - $25 day   Large Breed - $30/day   XL Breed - $40/day


We feed Purina ProPlan and the cost of feeding this food is included in the board rates.

If your dog requires different food, special diet, or supplements you must provide or reimburse for the cost.


Conditioning Rates

Conditioning charges include weekly bathing, coat work, road work, etc.
Conditioning Cost: $40/hour 


Vet/Airport Trips

Vet Trips - $50
Indianapolis (IND) Airport - $200
Chicago Airports - $400
All other trips will be charged at $.65/mile

For more information please contact me at

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