Grand Traverse Kennel Club

Grand Traverse KC * 6/14

Hasbro (Flat Coat) - BOB/Group 1

Selmy (Pom) - WD/BOW/BOB - 1 pt

Ella (Pom) - WB

Dottie (Shar Pei) - Not Shown

Brava (Aus Shepher) - 2nd

CoCo (Bernese Mt Dog) - 2nd

Zeus (Golden Ret) - 1/RWD

Grand Traverse KC * 6/13

Hasbro (Flat Coat) - BOB

Selmy (Pom) - WD/BOW/BOB - 1 pt

Ella (Pom) - WB - 1 pt

Dottie (Shar Pei)- WB/BOS/NEW CH * 1 pt

Brava (Aussie) - 2nd

CoCo (Bernese Mt Dog) - 2nd

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